Our top 10 tracks of 2021

We do this every year but it never gets any easier putting the list together. We’ve had some great songs this year. So, here it as. As first announced on Premier Gospel’s UK Gospel Show, here are the top 10 tracks of the year.

10. G.O.D by Kalisha J

What a way to start a solo career. We profiled Kalisha J earilier this year and it was quite clear from first listen that we’d be talking about this track at the end of the year. She’s travelled the world, sang with the national treasure that is London Community Gospel Choir and released this song that we’ve been listening to a lot ever since.

9. Belongs To You by Sarah Téibo

As she told us in an interview ahead of the release of her brilliant Restored album, things were going to sound a bit different on this project. Although the album was largely praise and worship based, Sarah did maintain some of what made us fall in love with the track Blessed from her previous project when she released Belongs To You.

8. His Words by Grace Tena

We’re always excited when an artist arrives suddenly and makes a statement right from the very beginning. That happened in 2021 with Grace Tena. She released some amzing songs this year but it was His Words that pipped it for us. Wow, what an artist she is, with such well-written music.

7. Nobody Knows by Muyiwa & Riversongz featuring Tab Worship, Asha Elia, Tee Supreme and Mark Asari

When he’s not rubbing shoulders with the Queen, the legendary artist Muyiwa makes music that is often sang in churches the world over. Here, he’s collaborated with some of our favourite artists from the last couple of years and the end result is an absolute gem.

6. Amen by Asha Elia X Renzo BA featuring Tobi-A

Asha Elia pops up a lot on our end of year lists, such is her consistency. On this track, she’s worked with someone we profiled in the chart last year Renzo BA as well as Tobi on Amen. It’s catchy, and we found ourselves singing it all year long.

5. Wings by Mark Asari

We say: It’s as simple as this: 2021 belonged to Mark Asari. We can’t think of anyone else who as had such a breathrough year. One triumph was taking amapiano and shining through with an anthemic track to dance to.

He says: Wings is a celebration of the fact that the Lord provides protection and security during the stormy seasons. He hides us under His wings as described in Psalm 91.

4. Call Your Name by WYLD X Sharyn

We say: Sharyn’s album In Full Bloom won 2021. WYLD is a consistent hit maker. The beat for this song started out as a remix for someone else. We’re glad it worked out as a Sharyn song that soundtracked so much of our year.

Sharyn says: It was written during what was then the height of the pandemic when there was so much loss, so much disappointment, so much bereavement. The song provides a message of hope that is found in Christ Jesus.

3. I Press by Ibe Giantkiller featuring Neville D and Faith Child

We say: He’s been behind the scenes for a long time as a producer whose name you’d just read in the credits. Now Ibe Giantkiller is an artist putting his name out there and creating music that is top drawer. This is our favourite thing that he’s made.

He says: It was a song that was recorded the day my father passed away, and with Noel Robinson on the guitar. It’s something that encourages you to push through, to press towards the mark of the high calling.

2. Wonder by S.O.

We say: As the sound of 2021, amapiano makes another top 5 appearance. Here, S.O. gives an exclamation mark at the end of his really good EP Larry Ginny Cresent. As he told us in an interview, this was him going back to his roots. We love it.

He says: It’s no wonder that temptation (or pepper as referred to in the song) wants to kill us. What’s encouraging is that as Christians, we have the Spirit of God in us, and His grace teaches us to say no to ungodliness and worldly passions.

  1. I Will Not Fail by Volney Morgan & New-Ye

We say: 2021 was another tough year for many people. This worship anthem has been a reminder throughout 2021 that the battle we’re fighting is the Lord’s. It’s a standout song from what was an excellent EP Crossover.

Volney says: Me and Angel [Volney’s wife and New-Ye singer] hadn’t written a song together and published it in a while. So we came up with I Will Not Fail. As we usually do, we got a bit of her culture in there so there are a couple of Yoruba words. As we usually do, we talked to her father for the interpretation. What was so powerful was the fact that those words in the interpretation were the last words he left with us because he would later go on to be with the Lord. It was a comforting song to let us know that we will not fail.

To listen to the full Top 10 countdown on the UK Gospel Show on Premier Gospel for the next 30 days, click here.

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