#WeIntroduce – Globetrotting soloist Kalisha J launches her debut single G.O.D

She’s experienced life in a mix of different countries, she’s sang with London Community Gospel Choir, and she’s a former Miss Trinidad & Tobago UK but there’s one itch that Kalisha J is yet to scratch – she hadn’t had a solo music career. That changes with the release of G.O.D – Kalisha J’s debut single.

We caught up with Kalisha J to hear her story.

You’ve lived in a few different countries throughout your life. How have the experiences you’ve had in these different parts of the world affected who you are as a person and an artist?

I grew up in a total of five countries (USA, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Austria and the UK) and the various experiences I had – both positive & negative – moulded me into being a resilient, adaptable, multilingual individual with an eclectic taste in music, appreciation of foreign cultures and the ability to relate with people from all walks of life. 

You were part of LCGC. What was that like being in such a well known and respected choir?

Prior to joining LCGC, I was already working as a vocalist but joining the choir/session agency elevated my level of industry experience, made me tougher and taught me to “stay ready” at all times (as anyone could be spontaneously called upon by choir founder Bazil Meade MBE to sing at live concerts/events). I was opportuned to work with artists such as Sam Smith, Madonna, Leona Lewis, Michael Buble, and more through the choir. 

Since leaving LCGC, I’ve gone on to tour nationally with Rumer (Atlantic Records), worked on projects with MAXIM of iconic British rock band The Prodigy, starred in the musical theatre production ‘MANDELA’ in Germany and now released my first single ‘G.O.D’. The journey has been amazing thus far and I’m grateful – never despise your small beginnings. 

What does it mean to you to be an advocate of body positivity?

As a former Miss Trinidad & Tobago UK title holder, being an advocate for body positivity is deeply personal for me. When I entered the competition, I was a size 14-16 UK (compared to other contestants who were all size 12 and below) and saw the opportunity to challenge size prejudices and inspire women to be confident in their own skin. Its vitally important to both love yourself and have a positive outlook on what your body looks like despite what social media tries to promote. 

How has your faith kept you through difficult times?

My faith in God has kept me sane and given me the assurance that no matter how difficult things may get – God is always in control and won’t let you face challenges alone. I wholeheartedly believe that “what God cannot do does not exist” as I’ve seen Him rescue, protect and miraculously provide for me time and time again. 

Why is now the perfect time for you to start releasing music?

During the 2nd UK pandemic lockdown, I lost my job and instead of being upset I booked a studio session the very next day and decided to fully focus my energy into finishing music I had already started working on – I havent looked back since. 

My music was my major creative outlet that kept me positive and its now time to share it with the world and spread God’s much needed love. 

What’s the story behind G.O.D?

‘G.O.D’ was written during a time in my life where I was experiencing very serious relationship challenges and immigration issues that had left me physically, emotionally and mentally scarred. God showed up for me in a MAJOR way, settled those situations and I emerged with a completely transformed life – G.O.D’ is a proclaimation of my faith and confidence that I’m unique because of Him. 

This is the start of your solo music career. What comes next?

More music! I’m a firm believer in preparation and doing things with excellence so with my management at Uprise Music, I already have things planned/scheduled right into next year. So expect projects, collaborations and BIG surprises – watch this space! 

Kalisha J’s debut single G.O.D is out now on all digital platforms.

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