Interview: A new sound and new music for Sarah Téibo

There are some exciting things brewing for Sarah Téibo.

She revealed exclusively to us on a recent video interview that she’s signed a deal with eOne Nashville’s IndieBlu distribution platform. She’s also just released her new single Spirit Come, which represents a new direction for her. Or is it?

Here are a few highlights from our recent conversation with Sarah Téibo.

The best way to support artists

In all honesty, the best way to support artists is to buy the music not stream the music. So if you find a song that you like, go iTunes or go to Amazon if you’ve got an Android phone and you can actually buy and download the music there. Those are the two main platforms where you can buy a song and if you think about it, it’s 99p. Maybe 79p even to buy a song, and that’s the cost of a bottle of water. So when you’re thinking about the artists that you love, just think about giving them a bottle of water for their studio time or their studio session, or it’s a hot day and I just want to bless my favourite artist with a bottle of water. Think about it that way, don’t think about, oh 99p – I’d rather get it free. Just think about rewarding the artists that you love.

Collaborating with Fred Hammond

I’ve heard people say interesting things in the background about how the collaboration came about, but I always emphasise one thing. I never thought about it, I never went for it, I never dreamed about it and I never even asked for it. It was something I could never have imagined in my entire life to say: Oh my goodness, yeah, I’m going to write a song, and I’m going to have Fred. Like, who thinks that like? I definitely wasn’t thinking that.

Her new praise and worship sound

When God gave me the instructions to do my first couple of albums, he was clear on what those songs needed to be about, and it was really music for the unchurched. Although obviously church listeners would relate to and appreciate the music, it was something that could also cross barriers and go into non church circles and that really opened a lot of doors for the gospel to go out.

In 2018, I was on tour in South Africa and God said to me, your next project is going to be a worship album for congregational worship, and I’m thinking: God You have to take the wheel, more so than before, because yes, I’ve always led worship, yes I could come up with a worship song on stage. But to write worship for congregational use is a different art that I have not really explored. I don’t want to call it a change of direction. It’s actually a 360 back to where it started really because I started with being a worship leader and singing worship. I think the first two albums are probably a slight digression and it’s kind of like, this is where we started. But a lot of people who have never heard me lead worship, when they hear the new project they will be thinking: Oh, she’s changed. When in reality I’ve kind of just gone back to where I started.

Sarah Téibo
Sarah Téibo at a headline show in 2017

Her new single, Spirit Come

In February, I was having a period of fasting, prayer and just meditating on the book of Acts, and just reading how the apostles, when they got baptised by the Spirit of God, they were bold, they went out to the world and the church was birthed as a result of that. And we’re still living in the aftermath of that baptism of the Spirit. So I was saying to God, we need a fresh outpouring of Your presence. Our generation needs to have an experience like they did at the day of Pentecost. We need to be bold. With the cancel culture that we live in, we’re too scared to even say that we’re Christians, for heaven’s sake. And I just started singing and praying the words, and next thing I knew, the verse, chorus, bridge – everything was written.

When her new album will be released

It’s coming out in 2021 by God’s grace, God willing, because this thing was supposed to come out in April. Yeah, then COVID happened. I don’t want to say when exactly because everyone’s plans have been thrown into the air. In terms of the musical direction, it’s going to be songs that you can use for worship in your church as a worship leader or in your personal worship time. Some people have asked me if there’s going to be an afrobeats song like Blessed. Yes, yes, yes.

Spirit Come by Sarah Téibo is out now here.

See the full Instagram Live interview we did with Sarah here.

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