#WeIntroduce – Teen group Gospel X wants to redefine gospel music

Chelmsford-based Gospel X have got all the tools they need to excel. They’re young, hungry and have taken the time to craft a very strong debut single Control. We caught up with Temi, Miracle, Joy and Naomi to talk about their sound, their vision and how they Netflix and chill.

How did you get together?

We were in a group of friends who all attended Life Church, Chelmsford. During worship we’d always do the most like adding harmonies, doing all these runs, etc but we were just kind of joking. At one point Joy and Naomi (the siblings of the group)’s mum suggested that we actually get together, explore our potential as a group and really work on our singing. We’ve been performing since 2015, and the original group had around 7 members as we were sort of doing it as a friendship thing. However over time, when we started getting more serious the size of the group decreased and it’s been us four since June 2019. 

What does the X stand for?

When we first started we had a lot of temporary members who would come and go and so the “X” started off as a joke. The number of members of the group wasn’t set in stone so the X was used as variable that represented us, regardless of how many of us were on stage (which could sometimes be 6, and sometimes be 3). It was an unfixed number, like in algebra. Obviously that no longer applies but the name stuck.

Have you always been Christians? What role does faith play in your music?

Yes, we were all raised in Christian households. Having this foundation gave us something positive and meaningful to base our music on. Also it was just natural that we would sing about Christ in our music as this whole idea of becoming a group started when we were in church. When you come to terms with the fact that the only reason you have a gift is because of God, you realise that the least you can do is use that gift to glorify His name. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

We get inspired by all sorts of gospel artists, African-Americans such as Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Kierra Sheard, Lisa McClendon and so many more. And from the UK, artists such as Becca Folkes, London Community Gospel Choir, Happi, just to name a few. Generally we don’t want to limit ourselves to one single genre or vibe. We get inspiration from all different types of music and hope to be able to redefine what people think of when they think of gospel music – it shouldn’t be limited to one particular sound. 

Tell us about the debut single Control. What’s it about?

‘Control’ is an R&B/trap song with a gospel message, telling of the boundless love of God – the main focus of the lyrics being on the fact that no matter how frantic our lives may seem, we can always find peace in knowing that God is still in Control. The main aim when putting together this song was to write something that would make the listener feel reassured in Christ, whatever they may be going through.

We’re giving you the remote control. What’s the first thing you’d watch on Netflix?

Well that one’s hard to answer. Miracle likes a bit of anime, Joy’s obsessed with music docs, Naomi’s into anything with a strong black lead/romance and Temi loves sci-fi. 

What does the future hold for Gospel X? Where do you want to go with your music?

The future is bright for us, Control is just the start! We can’t wait to release even more music, and potentially an album in the future. Our goal is to continue to make gospel music that everyone can relate to and enjoy, and continue to glorify God through this.

Who is the loudest in the group?

I think most of the girls would say its Temi, because she likes to be the hypeman. But everyone is very outspoken, and we can all be pretty hype.

Control by Gospel X is out now.

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