Sound Stories launches to write artist bios


The Sound Doctrine has launched a new service called Sound Stories to help artists tell the stories about the music they make and why they make it.

Sound Stories gives artists access to a professional writer to draft their artist biographies for their websites and press kits. Biographies are an important asset for any artist to have but many musicians leave them neglected on an old website link. And worryingly some artists don’t have one at all.

With Sound Stories, artists arrange a story-mining session with a writer who helps identify the key messages that the artist wants to convey. The writer uses a journalistic mindset to craft a story that is meaningful and resonates with audiences.

Sound Stories manages the full process from start to finish – from a few notes or ideas you may have, to a fully written bio that’s ready for you to use as you wish.

We speak to artists all the time who spend all of their time creating and have little time for everything else. Sound Stories fills that gap that many artists have. We write the artist bio so it’s one less thing for you to think about. And with a former journalist at the helm, the message will be clear, concise and powerful.

To find out more about Sound Stories, go to

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