Our Ones to Watch for 2018

First announced on the UK Gospel Show on Premier Gospel this past Sunday, here are our picks for the artists you should be looking out for this year.



Theon is both very hard working and talented, which is a dangerous combination. Let’s break it down. He’s a singer, songwriter, producer and video director, which means he’s a walking creative mastermind.

That’s right, he isn’t a jack of all trades, master of none. From what we’ve heard from him so far, especially the debut EP The Reason Why, he’s got a lot to offer. And he’s great live. Look out for a new project this year. He’s putting the teasers on social media so it must be close!


A Star

IMG_0199 editHere’s a tweet that surprised us.

Debut album? Yeah, we know! A Star has been such a feature in the UK scene for so long and produced some anthemic songs that you probably presumed he’d already released a full length project. He hasn’t. At least not yet.

In 2015, A Star released Revolutionary. At seven tracks, it was almost an album – but not quite. But these weren’t average tracks. This is the project that contained DFMB and Revolution among others. Then, the following year, he staged a seminal live show at the O2 Academy in Islington. It was one of the best live shows we’ve been to in recent memory.

Same again this year? Yes please!


The Landell Twins


It’s a name you’ll have to get acquainted with in 2018. The Landell Twins are young, hungry and ready to take the bull by the horns this year. You’re always at an advantage when you make music with your twin sister and so for Rianna and Renée Landell, taking to the stage together is second nature.

The Landell Twins released their debut track Welcome Home last year and when we heard it, we liked it – especially Welcome Home Part 2, featuring Daniel Simmonds. They’ve also been showcasing their vocal prowess on their YouTube channel.

It’s been a challenging journey for the Landell Twins. They wrote their first song in 2011 and almost straight after, their family suffered a house fire that turned their lives upside down – right before Christmas. But they’ve been building, and it all culminates in their debut single Love Letters, which is out soon.




How is this guy only 19? We’re reminded of J Vessel when he first started his career and being, like, wow – this guy will go places. His debut track I Believe is powerful and honest. It’s just as well because it took him two years to write!

Thankfully, Judah has assured us that it won’t always take him that long to make his music. When we caught up with him recently, he told us that although his first song is categorically a praise and worship number, he’s still finding his sound. So who knows what he’ll do next? Judah has more music in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled.


Guvna B


Once upon a time there was a kid from London who made a track called Kingdom Skank. It became a hit and shot Guvna B into a career that has been gathering steam ever since.

Talk to Guvna and he’ll tell you it wasn’t that easy. The first time we saw him live was in 2010 when he performed in front of a very sparse crowd. Not any more. He’s been consistent in making hit records, rocked major shows on both sides of the Atlantic and last year even ventured into writing books. Unpopular Culture was his pet project of 2017 but this year, it’s back to the music. His latest track Everyday is the precursor to a new album which drops this year.

He’s already won two MOBOs but for Guvna B, it’s all about connecting with people.


Who do you think we should be paying attention to in 2018? Leave a comment below!


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