Our top 10 UK gospel tracks of 2017

It’s been a great year for UK Gospel music in 2017 so it was a struggle to rank our faves. But we’ve done it and so here it is – first revealed on the UK Gospel Show on Premier Gospel, here’s our Top 10!

10. Sianny – Yaweh


We featured Sianny in a #WeIntroduce feature on the site at the start of the year. After hearing her on the Volney Morgan & New-Ye album we were looking forward to what was next. When we heard Yaweh, we realised the anticipation was justified. Great debut!

9. Juanita Francis – Fall Afresh

Photo from Jermaine

We sat down with Juanita for a chat on the strength of her first ever single. It blew up and she’s been in high demand ever since. The EP I Got My Wings has since come out and  we fell in love with the project, especially Lion of Judah featuring Volney Morgan (that name again – he gets everywhere!). But there’s no escaping what the debut single did to open doors for her. Expect even more for the future.

8. S.O. – What’s Your Name (feat. Daramola)


This is the tweet that shifted the conversation for S.O.’s music. Along with his 2016 track I See You, S.O. has widened his musical arsenal and as a recently married man, he started to write about the reality of his romantic relationship with his spouse. The result? A summer hit that took S.O. to new places.

7. Tneek – Make Me Over (feat. Hannah Francis and Gyamma)


This track is dynamite. The production is slick and suits the Tneek’s vocal delivery but with an unmistakable reggae twist. For us it’s the standout track from Tneek’s star-studded EP R.I.C.H. We’re delighted that she has finally been able to get a project out that really showcases her skills for all to see.  

6. Volney Morgan & New-Ye – What A Mighty God (feat. Micah Stampley)


What A Mighty God was one of our favourite tracks from the 2016 album Focus but we had one criticism. It was too short. In 2017, Focus Deluxe came and with it, an updated version of the track. It kept everything we liked about the original version but with Micah Stampley on board to give it that something extra. We interviewed Volney on the red carpet of the MOBO Awards when he won the award for Best Gospel. Tracks like this show why he topped the tree for such a major prize.

5. InderPaul Sandhu – Ring

Inderpaul Sandhu

This track caught us off guard. Firstly, we’re suckers for old school video game references so the Street Fighter samples won us over straight away. Then the next thing we noticed with the unashamedly old school hip hop vibe this had. There just aren’t a lot of people making music like this. InderPaul went on to have bigger success this year with the track Money Ain’t A Thing that saw him featured on the BBC Asian Network, BBC London and Rapzilla but we’re always going to have a soft spot for Ring.

4. Becca Folkes – 12 Rounds (feat. Happi)


At the eleventh hour, Becca sneaked into our list with a late entry right at the end of 2017. It was fresh in our minds when we put the list together – not just because it’s new but because it’s banging! 2017 was a pivotal year for Becca. She went full time with her music and now has more focus on what she’s doing sonically. Watch out in 2018. She’s going to tear it up. Her EP is around the corner.

3. Triple O – Good Thing (feat. CalledOut Music and Christina Matovu)


There’s no doubting that Started Again was the tearout grime banger that Triple O needed as the statement piece for his album Zero Not Equal To One. But Good Thing gave us something different. It was a radio friendly summer smash that created an entry point to the album in a different way. It hasn’t left our playlists since release.

2. CalledOut Music – You’re Mine


One of the best things to come out of 2017 was the arrival of CalledOut Music to the main stage. Yes, he had music before You’re Mine but this was the track that made us sit up, pay attention and realise that we something special on our hands. The scary thing is, we’re only just scratching the surface of what CalledOut Music can do. His next single My Prayer was brilliant and there’s more in store from this multitalented artist.

1. Fiona Yorke – Love For Me

Fiona Yorke - Love For Me

Seriously, why can’t all music be this good? This is a track that you hear and instantly know you’re listening to a track of the year contender. It’s retro in the best possible way and with production credits of both Marcus Johnson and Ian Copeland Green you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. But good producers can’t make outstanding songs by themselves. Fiona shines and it was her musical input that got the feel of the track together in the first place. Take a bow Fiona. You’ve made a song we genuinely want to hear again and again.

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