Review: CalledOut Music @ Gracepoint, London


As a concept, CalledOut Music’s headline show in London shouldn’t have worked. He’s still relatively new as an artist and he doesn’t have an album out yet. Plus the venue was far too big for someone who only just started releasing music a couple of years ago.

So why was the event sold out? And why was the event a roaring success? CalledOut Music at his live show proved that he’s a special kind of artist.

It was amazing to see so many young people queueing up in the pouring rain on a Saturday night for this gig. And they weren’t just showing up for something to do, they were all really passionate about this guy’s music. And it’s a really positive thing with so many church youth leaders spending countless hours brainstorming ways to get people this engaged.

Nahoro was one of a contingent of artists to travel from France for the event

This event didn’t follow the usual routine. Tickets cost double what we’d usually pay for the headline show for a British artist. But looking at the bill, you might understand why. It was packed. And not just with UK artists. It almost had a festival feel to it, with so many artists taking to the stage. But strangely it didn’t feel rushed. Everyone had a chance to properly do their thing on the stage.

The man of hour burst onto the stage with the song that brought him to our attention last year. Your Mine was the opportunity to sing along right from the get-go. The same could be said for the subsequent tracks. He did a medley of well known songs by established artists such as Friend of God by Israel Houghton.

The spoken word piece from Briggs the Wordsmith had fantastic wordplay and delivery

CalledOut Music didn’t come to tear his way through a set list and go home. There were quieter moments of worship, there was a powerful testimony and prayer. He took his time when he needed to and the night was brilliant because of this.

He brought it home with more of his uptempo hits such as I Am Free and Love Around and had the whole place dancing.

The bill was so stacked, it makes zero sense to mention everyone but we do have to mention Phil Thompson. Only a few months removed from his last visit to the UK from the States, he did a sort of headline slot before the official headliner with his brand of praise and worship.

US artist Phil Thompson sang his hit song My Worship

We were also really impressed with Deb Orah. It was the first time we’ve properly seen her live and she really packed a punch with the set she delivered. We have our eyes fully wide open for what she does next.

We have to give a full round of applause to CalledOut Music. With this show, he pulled off the impossible and sold out a huge venue. And the crowd in attendance will have left happy with what they saw. The event represents a big moment for UK gospel and it’s inspiration for those who think this kind of success so soon isn’t achievable. It definitely is.

We were really impressed with the way Deb Orah took charge on the stage
One of our 2017 One to Watch artists Rae sang her track Greatest Love and rocked the crowd before CalledOut Music graced the stage

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  1. Great review. Really good to hear that the event was a success. May it be a catalyst for collaborative working by artists and maintaining a level of excellence that we have in this country.

    1. djfiremanuk says:

      Totally agree Howard

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