London couple launches Afro-Praise workout vid

Body Praise
Body Praise

So here’s a concept we haven’t come across before. Take a style of music that many people love to dance to, put it in a Christian context with the aim of getting fit. The result is a brand new video called Afro-Praise High Intensity Interval Training (APH).

It’s one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments. Not only has Tomiwa and Oge Akinola thought of it, they’ve executed it really well. It’s beautifully shot, features music you’ll actually want to work out to and grounds it in a biblical purpose of praise. Oh and don’t let the picture put you off. Yes Tomiwa and Oge are in great shape but the video is approachable and easy it get involved with – even if you have two left feet or if you’re not  in the gym every single day. Saying that, it will put you through your paces!

“We really want to create awareness and educate Christians about the importance of linking their spiritual life to their physical health. The two must go hand in hand,” said Tomiwa. “A lot of the prayers for healing wouldn’t be necessary if we made better food choices and incorporated exercise into to lives as spiritual people. Why not praise God for your life, your family, your body, your health as you work out and receive strength from the Holy Spirit?”

For the uninitiated, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a popular way to burn fat without spending your entire life on a treadmill. It squeezes an intense session into a short space of time, which makes it perfect for squeezing a workout into your lunch break. And although HIIT has been around for a few years now, the afro-praise version has arrived to shake things up.

If you’re wondering why the video looks so good, it’s because it’s shot by one of our favourite directors Uvi Orogun. He’s responsible for many of the most colourful and creative music videos including projects with CalledOut Music and Sarah Téibo.

“After having my second baby, I had gained a lot of weight – growing from a size 8 to 14. I was very unhappy with my body. Tomiwa had always worked out and so he would encourage me to take action. I started to incorporate better eating principles and structured working out within family life at home and found that my body started to change. Before long I had lost all the weight, but beyond that I was stronger, fitter and more energetic,” said Oge.

“We turned this into a lifestyle for our whole family. I started to get a lot of questions from other women as did my husband from men as he took his commitment to his health to the next level. So we decided that we’d do what we can to assist people to kick start their own healthy lifestyle.”

APH is a project from Body Praise and is available now as a free YouTube video. Check it out here






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