#WeIntroduce: The Pilgrims put strong songs first

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The Pilgrims don’t want you think of them as your average group. That’s because they didn’t get together that way. Whereas other bands come together with the intention of releasing music from the beginning, the Pilgrims first assembled with the intention of just writing songs.

The problem is that when you start writing songs and you get them into a repertoire, it’s not too long before you start to think about how far those songs can travel. You start to think about whether they can be sang at other places besides your home church. This is why we’re now telling you about what is now a group of artists, not just a collective of people who write.

But don’t get it twisted, the songs are still the star for the Pilgrims. They’ve started to perfect their craft and now they have a single under their belt and are about to release their second.

The Pilgrims performed live at a recent event in North London

We recently saw the Pilgrims live at a show entitled A Night With the Pilgrims. It was their coming out party – a chance to show the world who they are. Well, we say ‘the world’, it was actually a small, intimate crowd at the suitably sized Platform venue in North London. Side note, if you ever have to go to this venue, make sure you use Google Maps. You won’t find it otherwise. Most of the tracks we heard on the night were modern praise and worship orientated. The London collective writes their tracks in a way that they can be sang in churches as congregational songs.

The first half of the evening was dedicated to those types of tracks. The inclusion of fellow worship leader Jacy Mai was an inspired one. She complemented the group well while also bringing some experience to the stage and getting the crowd involved. The second half of the evening saw the Pilgrims show their other side.

The incredible Jacy Mai supported the Pilgrims

The debut single Perfect Love is different to the tone they set in the first half. It’s more upbeat and electronic. A similar sort of thing can be said for the second single Excited, which they used to end the show. The African influence made it one to dance to. It had us looking forward to the release date on 31st August.

We saw rapper Icie take to the stage as part of the evening, performing two songs, one of which had the backing of Pilgrims member Dammy.

The Pilgrims don’t like the ‘karaoke’ aspect of singing other people’s songs, with nothing original of their own. Sure they did sing a couple of well known songs on the evening, but for them, their intentions were clear. The Pilgrims are about writing great songs and then sharing them with the masses. They’re using their creativity to make sure the message hits home.

Veteren rapper Icie took to the stage at the Pilgrims show

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