Big Church Day Out Spotlight: Lucy Grimble

One thing we love about Big Church Day Out is its variety. For all the time we’ve rocked out on the main stage, there’s also a contrast such as that found in the Kingdom Come tent. Lucy Grimble is a name that feels right at home here.

Fresh from hitting the number 1 spot on the Step FWD UK Christian Chart, and releasing her new album Lucy is playing on both days at Big Church Day Out South. The London artist is a worship leader with great songs. She pays close attention to the lyrics she sings ans it comes across in the meaningful performances she gives. It’s the type of music that is at its best in a live setting. You don’t want to just listen, you want to participate.

It’s probably why her new album is a live one. Created to Worship (Live From London) is a ten-track project that sees Lucy Grimble working with her collective of grade-A musicians. It has big swelling soundscapes as well as quieter times where Lucy’s vocals meet with piano in refreshing simplicity. It’s a combination that works well on tracks such as Fragile Frame.

Big Church Day Out describes the Kingdom Come Tent as a beautiful, hazy atmosphere of non-stop worship and prayer. You can find Lucy Grimble there, as well as the CSW Airstream stage for an acoustic set. Her album Created to Worship (Live From London) is out now.

For more details at Big Church Day Out go to

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