Big Church Day Out Spotlight: Andy Mineo

There’s no one on this year’s Big Church Day Out bill that we’re more excited about seeing than Andy Mineo. After the historic Lecrae set that we saw in 2015, Andy is the natural follow up. He’s right up there on the hip hop totem pole with his Reach Records boss.

Andy Mineo burst onto the scene in his current guise in 2011 when he first signed to Lecrae’s label but it was two years later when he totally blew up. His album Heroes For Sale had unprecedented hype but it lived up to it. For us, Uno Uno Seis will go down as a classic track. As could many others on that LP.

Since then, Andy Mineo has broken records and garnered legions of fans. Why? Because he connects with them by being himself.


A recent highlight for us was the video he created for his single Hear My Heart. He wrote the track as a public apology to his deaf sister Grace because he never learnt sign language. In the video, he uses sign language to communicate his lyrics, and he doesn’t just do it for his sister. He does it also to reach out to the wider deaf community. The result is one of the most memorable rap videos of last year.

Lecrae set the bar for main stage hip hop performances at Big Church Day Out two years ago. This year, Andy Mineo picks up the baton and runs with it.

Andy Mineo will be on the Main Stage (and Illuminate Stage) at Big Church Day Out South on Sunday.


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