Could ITV give UK gospel music a Voice?

You may remember the article we wrote a couple of months ago about the possible turning tide in UK singing contests. We were starting to see a smattering of gospel songs and artists appearing on TV but we were calling for more.

Well our prayers might be answered.

ITV, which is the new home of The Voice UK, got in touch with us to let us know that they are on the hunt for gospel artists to take part in the new series. It’ll be the first series of the show on the ITV so it’ll be a huge platform. The station already gets humongous audiences for X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

So here’s what they’re after. They want you. If you’re a gospel artist, they want the genre to be represented so get involved. We might see on the the box in the future.

If that sounds like you, send an email to and address it to Elana Campbell.

Are you putting yourself forward? Let us know!

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