Big Church Day Out Spotlight: Philippa Hanna

Sheffield has given us a lot of things. Steel, two distinctly average football teams, and Henderson’s Relish. But perhaps one of the finest exports is Philippa Hanna.

Growing up in a musical family, it was almost inevitable that Philippa would follow in their footsteps. Her faith infused songwriting has allowed her to reach people much further afield than the steel city. In fact, her latest venture will see her travelling to the States for a new chapter in her life.  

One theme that you’ll see crop up in Philippa’s music repeatedly is that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. She impacts others to appreciate the person God made them.

Philippa’s music is always well produced and you’re never too far away from the really big sound of a full band. But some of our favourite performances have been in a stripped down acoustic setting. Her voice is strong enough to stand out even when the accompaniment is minimal.

The new Philippa Hanna album is called Speed of Light, which includes the lead single Arrow. It’s out now.

Philippa Hanna will be performing at Big Church Day Out on Saturday 28th May in the Tearfund Tea Tent.

For more info, visit    

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