Big Church Day Out Spotlight: Lily-Jo

Music is always at its most powerful when there’s a call to action, or some sort of practical application that underpins it. No one knows that more than Lily-Jo.

As well as being a talented singer songwriter, Lily-Jo is also a qualified counsellor. And as far as she’s concerned, it’s impossible to keep both worlds separate. In fact, it’s as a result of her performances that she came to set up the Lily-Jo Project, an online mental health resource. After hearing the troubling stories of people who attended some of her shows, she decided to take action herself. Hence the birth of the Project.

But don’t be mistaken, Lily-Jo’s music is as notable as her work away from the microphone. Her music is very much in tune with her mission in mental health – she wants to create an impact by bringing hope to the masses. And its by taking this route that Lily-Jo has seen success this far.

Lily-Jo has exploded onto a wide range of stages. Whether it’s lighting up shows with her LZ7 band mates, or rocking Glastonbury festival, she’s very game. Her EP Need to Know that was released last year solidified her sound and told the world what she’s about. And it’s out now so check it out for yourself.

Lily-Jo will be playing at Big Church Day Out this weekend. You’ll see her on the CSW Airstream Stage on Sunday.

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