When a rapper isn’t just a rapper

One of the reasons we love hip hop is the way rappers can tell revealing stories. It’s an art form that allows you to be transparent and very real. But what happens when even hip hop music isn’t freeform enough to get your message across?

Well if the last year is anything to go by, the answer to that question is: write a book.

We remember picking up the book by Trip Lee called The Good Life a few years ago. It was a surprise to have a rapper so familiar to us as a musician presenting us with something new. Yes we were sceptical about what it would be like but it was a very good read. It told the story of how we can overcome our obsession with materialism and finding real substance in our lives.

Fast forward a few years and the rappers are at it again. Andy Mineo recently revealed he’s writing a book and his Reach Records label mate Lecrae has his book Unashamed available for preorder. It drops in May.


This side of the pond, UK rapper Icie released his book Rise at the back end of last year. Icie in particular is someone with real insight to share so why not write a book?

As much as hip hop is an expressive genre of music, writing a book gives the chance to go in different directions and take audiences on a deeper journey. With an album, you have an hour of someone’s time. With a book, you have much more.

Do we want to see all our favourite rappers become C S Lewis overnight? Probably not but we welcome their approach to trying new things. And winning.


OK, so here’s the bit where we fulfil a lifelong ambition of ours. We get to write a blog that comes with a reading list. So in the infamous words of the great mind Kel Kimble, aaaaahhh here goes….

The Good Life by Trip Lee (2012) http://tinyurl.com/zgt4pho

Rise by Trip Lee (2015) http://tinyurl.com/h6krtw2

Rise by Icie (2015) http://tinyurl.com/jkadq76

Unashamed by Lecrae Moore (2016) http://tinyurl.com/gty4vyj 

It’s not Harvard referencing but it’ll do…

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