Review: Faith Child – Airborne Tour, London

The problem you usually have when you have a lot of tracks that feature guest vocalists is live performances. If the guest can’t make it, you have to pipe their voices in or even sing them yourself.

Faith Child didn’t have that problem. He filled his stage with the very best of what the UK scene had to offer. And then some.

When we first heard about the Airborne Tour, it already looked like a Mount Rushmore of UK Christian hip hop. But we’d later find out that A Star and S.O. was just the start of it.

IMG_0189 edit

The night started off with Alex E and Tess. This husband and wife producer and singer combo were ones we hadn’t come across before but they got us excited. House beats, dirty basslines, sweet worshipful vocals. Look out for those guys.

Then came A Star. He served up some of the tracks from his Revolutionary EP. He also gave us a taste of what to expect when he has a headline gig of his own at the same venue in April.

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S.O. made it very clear when he hit the stage. He came for the turn up. By the time he got to Right Here Right Now, the crowd was lively and suitably warmed up for the headliner.

So up stepped the man himself, Faith Child. With live band in tow, Faith Child tore the stage up. Like, to pieces.

Faith Child and Utter Once
The set was a unique one. Because of the sheer number of on-stage guests, there was so much variety and intrigue that was added to the show. You didn’t know who was coming next. The list included J Williams, Guvna B, Utter Once, Vicky Tola, William Adoasi, S.O, A Star. There were no toilet break tracks. Our bladders weren’t happy.


Faith took us on a tour of some of the standout tracks from his Airborne album. Keeping Up With the Joneses (with S.O), Picture Perfect (with Leke) and Over Me (with Vicky Tola) were all on the menu. But he also took us back in time. Remember the 2009 album Illumination? The crowd definitely did. Holla at Me, Come My Way, and I Like It were all there.


But there was one guest artist who travelled a little further than everyone else to get to the O2 Academy in Islington. A few days prior to the event, Faith Child announced that Da’ T.R.U.T.H. would be joining him on stage at his London gig. When the time came, it was brilliant.


Obviously, T.R.U.T.H. came on stage to spit his verse on Tunnel Vision. But he wasn’t going to come all the way to the UK for 32 bars. We got a mini set from him and a promise of a new album called It’s Complicated coming in spring. He even shared a word with us about the difference between Christlike life and the world’s morality. Powerful stuff.


The whole evening was a prime example of what happens when the top tier of the UK scene rallies around one artist to support the movement. Faith Child wasn’t shy in telling us that he funded the entire tour himself. We think it was worth it.
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A Star
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    Good review. All lean, no fat 😊

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