Review: S.O. Live in London – Christmas Edition


With a new album under his belt, it only seemed right for S.O. to do another headline gig in London. It was only his second ever one and the venue was packed. Even so close to Christmas, the huge crowd acknowledged S.O. as one of the best this country has to offer.

The set started in full force. So It Ends and I Can Bear made early appearances. It was clear the real fans came out. They were rapping along with him, spitting double time bars with ease.

But it wasn’t all hype. Love Is was one of the standout tracks. Yes it’s one of our personal faves. But more than that, S.O. joined the dots and spelled out in simple terms what God’s love is all about.

And it’s moments like that when you realise that to S.O., these are more than just lyrics. They’re the soundtrack to his life. And not just his life, that of many others.

The reaction he got from tracks like Lows and Highs came from many of those could relate to the same struggle. But the end message was one of hope and determination, not self pity or defeat.


After giving a performance of his own earlier in the evening, Serene came on stage for The Crew and Feminine Appeal. And after doing a song for the sisters, it was time for DFMB. That track will never fail to get the people turnt up.

This wasn’t just a gig to show off the latest album. Big tracks from all three albums in the So it… trilogy were all present and correct. A show that includes Sure Thing, Radical and Right Here, Right Now? Yes please!

The DJ kept things moving, with pull ups in the right places. It was only towards the end of the set when S.O. started to take requests that it was in danger of losing its way. But all in all, a fantastic night.

J Williams, Presha J and Leke lit up the stage to kick things off. It ended with a performance that left the crowd happy, albeit hot and exhausted at the end. That’s not a bad thing.

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