#WeIntroduce – Singing with Stormzy just the start for Beloved Music

Beloved 3

We were first introduced to Beloved Music at the KB & Friends event last summer. The 17-year old won the open mic contest and we called her ‘a gem’ with lots of potential. The next time we saw her, she was singing with Stormzy at the BRIT Awards. Quite the journey!

Now Beloved Music is releasing her debut single Melodies so we caught with her to find out about following in the footsteps of Adele, singing with one of the biggest rappers in the country and inspiring others.

You’re a graduate of the BRIT School where we also got Adele and Katy B. Do you feel pressure to be as successful?

Honestly, no I don’t. One thing that the BRIT has taught me is that my success is not about comparing myself to others; it is about developing and harnessing my own gifts and talents and striving to reach my fullest potential. People like Adele and Tom Holland are there as past graduates who inspire me.

What’s the story behind Melodies?

Before every song I write, I pray: I pray that God will speak through me and will write a song that’s pleasing to Him. I was finding it hard to write so I turned to the Bible for inspiration. I knew that the song was about peace and not wanting to face the pain of everyday situations, so as I searched, I found Revelations 21:4 and I used that to help me. Even though I was just writing, I think God knew that this song would be needed for such a time as now – where there is crying and mourning and we just want peace.

The first time we snapped Beloved was at the KB & Friends event in Brixton last summer

What’s it like to share your debut music with the world?

It’s quite crazy if I’m completely honest! I wrote this track on August 28th 2019, but I never thought this would be my debut. I had different songs which I really liked and thought would be great as my first track, but Melodies became the one! Knowing that the world will be able to stream and buy the song makes me nervous – mainly because I wonder what they will think of it. However, I have to remind myself that God has this single in his hands, and as long as He is in control, I’ll be okay. So even though I do get a bit nervous, God is my peace, and he replaces that nervousness with excitement.

What was it like to share the stage with Stormzy at the Brit Awards?

I remember before one of our dress rehearsals on the main stage, he was getting his mic ready and the rest of the choir were in place. He started doing some squats and then stopped to test the mic. So I said to myself “if he does it again, I’m going to shout ONE”… and he did, so I shouted “ONE”, then he did another one, and my friends shouted “TWO”. And before you know it we were all counting as he did some squats. The whole experience was one I’ll never forget! The rehearsal process was amazing, the actual performance was a different level of excitement! Sharing the stage with Stromzy, the singers and dancers felt like sharing a stage with a family!

How did that come about?

I think Stormzy’s people got in contact with The BRIT and asked for a handful of BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) students to be part of his choir. I got a call from my teacher a week before the awards; I thought I was in trouble or something… but then I remembered that I’ve always been the good girl in school, hardly getting into trouble! I was so confused as to why she was calling me, but then she said “I have an exciting offer that I think you’d like to take”. When she told me she’d put me down to sing as part of Stormzy’s choir for the BRIT Awards, my insides were screaming! I couldn’t tell anyone about the news, other than family members. What’s most crazy is that the weekend before I was at a boot camp for young leaders, and leaving the retreat I asked God for opportunities to use the gift He gave me to sing and less than 24 hours later, He gave me an amazing chance to do so!

Beloved Press

You’re just starting out in your career. Where would you like to be ten years from now?

I’m not quite sure. I think touring and ministering around the world. I don’t think God has called me to just make music for only Londoners to hear – but for everyone, everywhere! It would be great to at least have a number of songs out by that time. I want to be someone who is known for inspiring and encouraging young people through the gifts and talents I’ve been blessed with.

Are you already working on the next steps after this single?

Of course I am! To be honest I think most creatives are constantly thinking about what comes next. I have a few ideas of what I want moving forward: the main one being an EP. I’m always writing or trying to write, so I have a few songs stored up for you guys! I am also working with a few artists at the moment, so keep an eye out for that!

Beloved 2

Your bio says who want to inspire. Who do you want to inspire and what message would you like them to take away from you and your music?

I want to inspire my generation. Being young is hard, especially in a world where there are so many options about what’s acceptable and what isn’t. I want to inspire my generation and future generations to choose love instead of hate; humility instead of pride; faith instead of doubt. The main message that I want them to take away from me and my music is that they have worth, and that God loves them. There is nothing that they have done or been through that God hasn’t seen. God loves them and will never stop loving them. The love of Christ is all we need…

Melodies by Beloved Music is out now

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