Review: KB & Friends @ Brixton Jamm

Happy and Melvillous
Melvillous was a surprise guest as he took to the stage with Happi for the track Take Time

Who in their right mind starts a record label? It’s no easy feat but KB Records had a flying start last night.

KB and Friends was a celebration of the label that launched earlier this year. And although they had some high profile artists on the bill, including legendary rapper Da’ T.R.U.T.H, the evening gave a platform to new artists too. And if you want to build for the future, that’s what a label should do.

We saw Lauren Milne for the first time

Case in point: Lauren Milne. The label’s latest signing hit our radar recently when she launched her debut single No More Blues. But this was the first time we’ve seen her live. The Kingdom Choir member showed us why there is hype surrounding her. There will be bigger and better things to come.

An open mic slot introduced us to artists who were just starting out. In fact, one of the three admitted it was her first time on a stage of this type. But it turns out 17 year-old Beloved, who both sang and played guitar was massively talented. After a false start, she quickly won over the crowd and showed she has potential by the bucketload. Gospel X (with dance routines and all) and Nicole Easy (real name, no gimmick) completed the open mic trio of artists.

The open mic yielded this gem. Beloved was great

But for all the artists who graced the stage, the night belonged to Still Shadey. It’s hard to believe his age and experience. We only first heard his name relatively recently but already he’s gaining a huge amount of support. He’s the brains behind KB Records and he recently announced his forthcoming debut album.

Shadey gave an electric performance and when he spoke, it was clear to see why. The venue was packed out and he was overcome by the fact that the evening and his journey as an artist received so much support. In a crowded market, it’s encouraging to see that the cream still rises to the top. He whet our appetite for a full Still Shadey headline show, which we’re told is coming in November. We can’t wait.

Still Shadey
Still Shadey put his all into this performance

The crowd was something you just had to experience. When you have this calibre of artist and this type of music, it doesn’t take much to get them to be lively. There were crazy dance-offs, and  a mosh pit in front of the stage. It was hard to maintain our composure. Even if you did arrive with a stiff upper lip, there was no way you was leaving in the same way.

Angelina made us pay attention by adding her unique voice and style of delivery

It was a pleasant surprise to see Melvillous take to the stage to accompany Happi for the anthem Take Time. And of course, it’s always a pleasure to see Da’ T.R.U.T.H. This is the third time we’ve seen him live but this was definitely the briefest. It’s strange to have him on the bill without him headlining but it was a packed show and few will have left complaining.

That’s especially true because of the headline set given by Guvna B. By way of songs, there was nothing new here. In fact, he even did Kingdom Skank. But Guvna always knows how to get the crowd hyped. And if we’re calling Da’ T.R.U.T.H a legend, it’s apt to refer to Guvna B in the same category. We are still excited every time we see him perform and he’s been doing so for a deacde. You can’t argue with that type of consistency.

So a packed out venue, legends from both sides of the Atlantic and a platform to showcase future artists. If last night is anything to go by, maybe the people behind KB Records aren’t so crazy after all.

Da' T.R.U.T.H
No big deal. Just the legendary rapper Da’ T.R.U.T.H doing his thing!

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