Our Ones to Watch for 2020

It’s the start of a new year and indeed a new decade so we’re looking forward to what is coming musically, especially from the UK. As first revealed on the UK Gospel Show on Premier Gospel, here are our five picks of artists you need to look out for in 2020.

Triple O


UK hip hop mainstay Triple O released a powerful album in 2017 that set the bar high. We’re optimistic about how he will bring something new to the table this year. He’s already announced a new EP called Cry Like A Man, which drops on 21st February. The project covers themes such as fatherhood, loneliness, fear and hope. Triple O is always real in his music so we can’t wait for this to arrive.


Evie Asio


We interviewed Evie last year and discovered a new artist with bags of enthusiasm, talent and ambition, with new music that’s on the way. She went from YouTube tracks in her bedroom to a debut single Beautiful Love which was released last summer. She’s now swapped the bedroom for the studio, which is where she’s spent a lot of her time recently preparing for a new project, which we’re expecting to see this year. Watch this space.


Victoria Tunde


You’ll recognise Victoria’s name from our list of top tracks in 2019. Her track Lost For Words featuring Osby Berry was incredible so we placed it at #3. Victoria Tunde has shown consistency in her debut year, which is uncommon, and we hope to see her continue the momentum in 2020. She plans to release her first album this year.


Michael Personne


Birmingham rapper Michael Personne has started from scratch. He changed his name (formerly Entitled) and has been getting ready to drop some new music. His single Elegy, which came out last year, was a reminder of his laidback lyrics-first approach to hip hop. And at a time when there’s a lot of hype in the genre, Personne’s approach is refreshing.




If 2019 was the year we saw the re-emergence of Ni-Cola, 2020 is the year she goes to the next level. How do we know? Because she’s got an album on the way. From the bits of the project we’ve already heard, the Manchester singer will impress many. We already know about Ni-Cola’s talent, we just need to see exactly how that talent will manifest itself throughout the year.

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