Our Top 10 Tracks of 2019

It’s an unenviable task but we’ve whittled our very well-stocked list of UK gospel bangers released this year down to our favourite ten. As first announced on the UK Gospel Show on Premier Gospel, here’s the top ten tracks of the year 2019.

10. Seth Pinnock & A New Thing – Bless My Soul

We say: It feels like it was ages ago now but we were there when this live track was recorded and the finished song represents what we felt on that night really well. To say this track is a standout from the album is a complement in and of itself because the project is so strong. Well played Israel J Allen singing the lead on this.

9. Ruach City Church – Million Stars (You Are Great)

We say: A marker of a good worship song is one that is beautifully written yet is simple enough to sing as a congregation. Million Stars ticks both boxes and then some. The always incredible vocals of Juanita Francis convey God’s goodness really well. It’s one you find yourself singing over and over.

8. WYLD ft SSTEDI – Brighter

We say: WYLD is such a versatile producer. He featured on our chart last year with a very different track. This time, he’s worked with breakthrough artist SSTEDI who’s made waves of her own over the last couple of years. The Manchester music man WYLD knew exactly how to get the best out of SSTEDI’s blissed out vocals and make something that works perfectly for chill time on the beach. A hard concept to think about in December, we know!

7. Presha J – Different

We say: In a year when there were some great grime tracks released, Presha J’s effort stood out to us the most. He’d been away for a while but what a way to return. It’s punchy, relevant and very hard to ignore. The video was a well produced cherry on the cake.

6. S.O. ft Lucy Grimble – Goals

We say: Lyrically, we think this is the most important track to be released this year. In an age where we’re obsessed with the image-driven Instagram culture, this track brings us crashing back down to earth. Not everything is as it seems. S.O. gave us a masterclass in music marketing when he released his LP Augustine’s Legacy this year and if we were going to give a prize for best music video of the year, this would probably win.

5.   Sharyn – Enough

We say: 2019 saw the arrival of Sharyn and what a debut year it’s been. She released her stunning EP Beautiful Saviour, signed with Gospel Hydration Records and made music that bangs. But for us, nothing came close to Enough. It stands out, even among her other tracks stylistically. The electronic edge works really well for us.

She says: Enough was written during a period of my life where I was having a candid conversation with God about how I felt I was failing. I remember God telling me that I was enough and He also had to ask me if He was enough for me.

4. Lucy Grimble – Keeper (Influxx Remix)

We say: This one took us by surprise. We usually know what to expect from Lucy Grimble and it isn’t this! It’s difficult to make a track sound beautifully meaningful while having a drum and bass sound. Influxx remixed the track and pulled off something incredible. We wouldn’t have been mad if there was a longer club mix of this one.

She says: I wrote Keeper after being mugged outside my flat. It was a scary experience and for months afterwards, I struggled with intense fear whenever I would be walking around my neighbourhood. In the midst of that, God gave me Psalm 121 as a promise that he is with me and he is my protector.

3. Victoria Tunde ft Osby Berry – Lost For Words

We say: It’s been a busy year for Victoria Tunde but the track that hit us the hardest was Lost for Words. It took us to a place of worship, especially the extended version where you can really get lost in the sentiment of the song. The inclusion of Osby Berry was a masterstroke as it adds another element that we just love.

She says: It’s a reflective song that was written around the 30th anniversary of the passing of my mum. It’s not a sad song; it’s a song of love, it’s a song of peace, and it’s a song of grace – all of that coming from the Father towards us, regardless of our circumstances.

2. Volney Morgan & New-Ye – Super Best Friend

We say: When we heard Volney Morgan had become a pastor and started his own church, we weren’t expecting any new music in 2019. But then Volney Morgan isn’t your average new pastor. Not only did he release new music, he released an EP. And not only did he release an EP, he released this amazing song that we can’t help but dance to.

He says: Super Best Friend is a track we wrote about ten years ago. Premier Gospel was hosting us and having one of their first Premier Gospel Live nights. We did it for that night and never did anything with it since. Ten years later, we revamped it, put it out there and people love it.

1. JW Musiq – Hold On

We say: Earlier this year, a song arrived in our inboxes from a Coventry duo that we’d never heard of before. We’d be forgiven because they hadn’t released anything before. What a feat then to go from an unknown quantity to the best track of 2019. GKid was on the buttons to give it an uptempo R&B sound and we were quick to get behind it. We played this song a lot this year. And to answer your question, yes it is the same people you saw on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show the other day. Wonderful track.

They say: Hold On is a song that encourages everyone to literally hold on. Whether your situation is good, whether it’s bad, this song is telling you to hold on for God has something in store for you. This song is something we’ve both experienced and are still experiencing but we know that God has something greater in store for us so we are holding on.

You can listen back to the chart in full on the UK Gospel Show on Premier Gospel for the next 30 days here https://bit.ly/2PHFmpH  

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