WYLD: I was days away from quitting music


He produced one of the biggest tracks of the year but behind the scenes, WYLD was struggling to stay afloat and almost quit music altogether. It was only when a miraculous moment changed everything for him.

September 2017 was a make or break moment for the artist. And it was looking more like the latter was the most likely. After leaving his day job and moving from his native Guernsey to Manchester to make music full time, things weren’t looking good.

“I was making no money at all,” WYLD told us. “I managed to get a few jobs in but most of them ended up not paying me. Every time I went up for prayer, God kept confirming that what I was doing was the right thing and that I was going to be taking a step up. At this point, I was thinking: that’s all well and good but I haven’t even earned enough money to make it through one month, let alone six.”

WYLD was speaking to us about the hit single Take Over that he was working on during this season of his life. Despite the anguish, it didn’t turn out to be a dry spot creatively for WYLD. Working with Cincinnati singer Jake James and Canadian rapper Shope, WYLD produced a track that will feature on our Top 10 tracks of the year.

But with no means of sustaining himself, it was a rough situation to be in.

“I was about a week away from having to pack all this stuff up again and move and go and work at McDonalds. I started to doubt this whole God thing and started to wonder whether I made a massive mistake moving.”

This might be a surprise for to some who have followed WYLD’s young career, making music that very much changed the game in the UK and beyond. His effortless ability to fuse pop, R&B and electronic music quickly gained him a massive fanbase. Earlier this year, he hit a million streams on Spotify. He hit this milestone in May 2018. The only reason he was able to get to this point was because of what happened while working on Take Over.


Take Over Cover Art

“The weekend of my birthday, I walked out of where I live and there was an envelope on the floor. I just thought it was a late birthday card but inside was the amount of money that I had lost from the jobs that hadn’t paid me. On the note it had the verse of Isaiah 41:10. I was working on Take Over during this point so I probably should have listened to the words a bit harder,” WYLD recalls.

“Now, it’s a very good reminder of that time. I can go back to it and listen to it and remind myself that actually I don’t need to do all of this on my own. I can give all of these situations to God.”

Find out where WYLD will chart of the Top UK Tracks of the Year on the UK Gospel Show on Premier Gospel on Sunday 16th December at 8pm. You’ll also see the list here on the Sound Doctrine soon after. 



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