#halflight is your new night time soundtrack


We’ve only gone and made another Spotify playlist.

This one is very different to the hypeness of Gameface – our gaming playlist. It’s called #halflight and it was made specifically for those late nights when you want the music to reflect the mood.

Yes, #halflight is downtempo but we’re not calling it a chillout playlist. There are already chillout playlists on Spotify. #halflight is for when it’s bedtime or when the lights are low and you want to put the fast songs to the side.

Usually when we do a playlist, we don’t like to stick to genres, it’s more about mood. This list includes hip hop, laid back spaced pop, blissed soul, worship and more. Artists-wise, we’ve got upfront tracks from Derek Minor and WYLD and classics from Lisa McCelndon and Lecrae. There’s head-nodding beats from Doobie Powell and acoustic worship from Hillsong Young & Free.

Here’s the instructions. Kill the lights, light a few candles, turn off the telly and get into #halflight.


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