Big Church Day Out Spotlight: LZ7

If you were to build an act that embodies the spirit of Big Church Day Out, it would look a lot like LZ7. The Manchester group has become synonymous with the festival. In fact seeing them light up big and small stages at BCDO is almost an annual tradition now. Like Pancake Day.

So, why are they such a great fit for Big Church Day Out? They are experts at getting crowds on their feet, jumping up and down, and generally leaving their inhibitions back at the tent. It’s a shot of high octane craziness accompanied by EDM beats, ridiculous bass lines and…well, we don’t know what else because they’re also really good at surprising us. Who knows what they’re going to throw at us this year?

LZ7 came into being in 2005 when frontman Lindz West decided to set up a collective that would work with young people across the country. Joined by other members, that now includes Saint Louis and Lily Jo, the group continues to impact youngsters in a positive way. And if they can get a few grannies moving as well, you can’t ask for much more.

Lz7 will be hitting the Main Stage and Illuminate Stage at Big Church Day Out South. For more details, visit


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