Triple O starts again ahead of new album


Six years is a long time in music, especially if you’re a Triple O fan. That’s how long it’s been since Triple O released an LP. The wait is almost over.

The MOBO winner just dropped what will be the first single from the new album. We think it’s hit material. The track’s called Started Again and on Triple O’s varying musical spectrum, this falls squarely in the grime category. It has the raw energy that befits the genre. But this isn’t just about the sound, it also has that lyrical content that we’ve come to expect from the rapper.

So, what about the album then?

It’s going to be called Zero Not Equal To One: Conversations with the mind. It’s not all fun and games, though. Triple O is dealing with real issues here – namely depression and mental health issues. And if authentic music wins over lie-filled nonsense, this should speak to many people. We’re hoping it offers them a message of hope.

Flatline came out in 2011 and the singles we’ve heard since then have shown Triple O evolve and mature. We can’t wait to see the zenith when this new project drops.

Check out the video to Started Again…

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