Premier Gospel’s UK Gospel Show announces 2017 Ones to Watch

One thing that we hope is true: 2017 HAS to be better than last year. Saying that, we did see a lot of great music released by British artists in 2016 and the horizon looks promising for the next 12 months. The UK Gospel Show on Premier Gospel has named the people it thinks will do good things musically this year. Here’s our take on the artists who made the cut.


A pic from our catch up with Rae

Back in February 2016, a new artist emerged with a single that we got excited about. We liked the sound and when we spoke with her, we knew there was a lot more she had to offer. Rae has new music coming out in 2017 and we can’t wait to get our mitts on it.

Becca Folkes

Becca Folkes gets down at her recent headline show

The headline show Becca did last year was fab (check out our review here). But as well as showcasing the hits from her 2015 EP In My Own Words, she gave us a glimpse into the future. She teased a series of releases called the Trilogy, and in an interview on Premier Gospel’s Saturday Breakfast at the weekend she revealed she’s about to do the impossible. Becca will release all three projects in 2017 and an album in 2018. It’s ambitious but we won’t say no to more music from her.

Anthony Hainsley

He’s one stylish brother. But Mr Hainsley has the voice to match

One of our favourite debuts of 2016 was Available by Anthony Hainsley. The Ian Copeland Green production was top notch (it always is) but it was anchored by a really strong soulful voice that made us pay attention. But that was last year. He’s sufficiently whet our appetite so colour us interested in whatever follows. This isn’t Dragon’s Den, but ‘we’re in’.

Israel J Allen

Israel performed at the recent Ekklesia Christmas gig

To say Israel J Allen’s debut single was long-awaited is a huge understatement. We’d long known about his talent but we needed to hear him get in the studio and make some magic. That time finally came with the release of T.I.N.L.Y (There Is None Like You), which features J Vessel. Israel has already hit the big stages including the BBC’s Gospel Prom last year. This year, expect some more new material that could take him to prime time once again.

Bex Grant

Trust You is out now but there’s more coming from Bex

Bex Grant recently dropped the Bexsongstress moniker, preferring to project the more professional, grown up version of herself. But her music still demands attention. Bex hasn’t had the best time over the last couple of years, but her battles with anxiety have made her more determined and reliant on God. Her latest mixtape Trust You is available now but we have it on good authority that there’s more around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled.

Hear the UK Gospel Show Ones to Watch 2017 special here

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