Review: Becca Folkes @ Regent Hall, London


Wow. Just wow.

If we had our own way, that would be the extent of our review of last night’s Becca Folkes live show. But apparently, it’s considered bad form to be THAT succinct. You get the point, though – we enjoyed it.

Initially, we were a bit concerned. How can a singer with such a limited discography have enough hits for a full headline show? In reality, she didn’t even exhaust her full In My Own Words EP. She went for a mix of classics, covers and new material. Yes, new material. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Becca Folkes is brilliant on stage. She sings incredibly well, she interacts, she has fun. But above all that she’s a very good worship leader. She’s so passionate about what she does and who she’s doing it for, and when we heard her testimony later on in the show, it was clear to see why. She kicked off the set with Get Up, a remix of Chris Tomlin’s Our God, and I Want You from her EP. After that, we got a sneak peek at what’s in the pipeline from Becca.

Tehillah Daniel performed a cover of Flaws by Kierra Sheard with Becca

New music

Becca revealed on the night that a new EP is on the way. It’s going to be called Trilogy and will be the first instalment of a three part series. Think Toy Story, minus Buzz and Woody. We heard Save Me, Rainbow and Welcome Home. Save Me in particular was a resounding success. It had meaning, emotion and enough to suggest it wasn’t written during a five minute car journey to the corner shop. Beautiful music. There’s a lot to look forward to from Miss Folkes in the near future.

After the fastest outfit change in history, Becca was back on stage to rock the audience with a familiar number, Outta Control from In My Own Words. She then invited rising star Tehilla Daniel on stage for a cover of Kierra Sheard’s Flaws. Watch out for Tehilla, by the way, she’s amazing.

J Vessel supported on the night and opened the show

New directions

Indeed, covers was a theme in the second half of the show but Becca showed her creativity in taking them to completely new places. Think you’ve heard Fill Me Up by Jesus Culture and Stomp by Kirk Franklin a million times? Her Fill Me Up bore more than a passing resemblance to Usher’s Good Kisser, while Stomp was given a neo-soul lick of paint. Bizarre choices on paper but both worked well.

Even for a music writer, it’s hard to articulate how talented Becca Folkes is. Hearing her live is enough to show she doesn’t hide behind post-production trickery that takes place in the studio. Her voice is flawless in the flesh. She’s the real deal and she’s only just getting into her stride.


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