Big Church Day Out Spotlight: Seth & ANT

No one can accuse Seth Pinnock of being a stranger to hard work. Look through the archives of the Sound Doctrine and you’ll see he’s been in ministry for a long time and doing what many would consider ill-advised. Crazy, even.

How many 17 year olds do you know that would be bold enough to start an entire movement for young people across the country? And how many do you know that could continue to keep it up, despite a shed load of adversity? How many people do you know that would voluntarily sleep on the streets to raise money and awareness for a homeless charity?

But that’s the kind of stuff that Seth does. He isn’t afraid to set precedents, tear up the rulebook and be creative.

One of the many strings to his bow is Seth & A New Thing, his gospel group with an incredible live album. Now 26, Seth is a gifted songwriter and some of tracks on the album Midnight Oil: Live in Worship were written based on personal experiences years ago – waiting to be released. Now it’s here, and the group will be part of this year’s Big Church Day Out.

Seth & ANT will be playing the Illuminate Stage at Big Church Day Out on Saturday 28th May.

For more details see  

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