Here’s why you should be excited about the debut Sarah Téibo album

We’ve heard the first ever album from gospel newcomer Sarah Téibo, which comes out in May. And we like it. Here are our top reasons why you should share our enthusiasm for Walk With Me.

It’s fresh

Yes, it’s a new album. But more important than that, it’s from a new artist who has made an impact in a short space of time. To date, Sarah has released just one single but it was enough to let the world know she’s arrived. With so little music to prepare us, we didn’t know what to expect. That’s why we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.

The features

A quick glance at the track listing is enough to make you pay attention. Ryan Carty, Triple O, Lurine Cato and others make an appearance. Oh and G Kid is on production. Need we say more?

The afrobeat track is banging

You’d be forgiven for skipping straight to I Will Sing when you get a copy of the album. It’s an energetic feel-good track that will have you dancing. If you find yourself doing some shoulder shaking on the commute to work when you hear this track, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The song-writing is heartfelt

There’s an eclectic mix of tracks  but when you pay attention to the lyrics you get can a lot from this album. Case in point – I Long For You. It gives a real personal testimony based on Psalms 42. It’s a standout track that will soundtrack your worship.

The remixes add a new angle on the hits

If there’s one thing that frustrates us is the fact that the remix is a lost art, especially in UK gospel. Walk With Me features a fantastic remix of the debut track Steal My Joy by Marcus Johnson. It takes the song somewhere completely different. It’s certified dancefloor ready – complete with 4/4 house builds and a skippy 2-step drops. This one was unexpected and had us pining for a return to 2000 when UK garage was running tings.

Walk With Me by Sarah Téibo is out soon.  You see her at her headline gig at the 606 Jazz Club on 8th May. Tickets here.

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