Review: Jahaziel album listening party


Do we have a very late candidate for album of the year in Jahaziel’s new album Heads Up?

It’s rare to even ask such a question before an album’s release but last night Jahaziel treated a packed out crowd in North London to an advance preview of his latest project. My early verdict? It has all the hallmarks of a stunning album.

Buffalo Bar was the venue that we filtered into. The venue was just right, and set up was simple: Jahaziel, DJ Danny Yega, a live drummer, and a host of special guests. The focus was on the music, the content of which was delivered expertly and with gusto.

It was a high octane start to the evening, with cameos from Ram1 and Dwayne Tryumf marking out a clear dancehall theme. In fact, there was very little let up throughout the entire first half of the show. Appearances from a very lively S.O, E-Tizz and AStar made sure no one was sleeping. When the stage filled up for a live version of A Star’s DFMB, the atmosphere was electric.

When the pace switched for the second half of the show, a different side of the album was shown. One thing that was constant throughout was that a story was created, linking a scripture reading to each song that was performed.


Speaking to Jahaziel afterwards, his initial apprehensions were put to rest by the very game crowd. You’re never sure how a crowd is going to react to entire set of songs they don’t know, he said. But everyone was completely up for it and were feeling the tracks. The album itself promises to be a landmark release that will pick up where the exceptional Still Livin’ mixtape left off.

Jahaziel’s album ‘Heads Up’ is out on 19th November.

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