Why I’m looking forward to the new S.O. album

ImageThe new S.O. album drops on November 13 and I’m very exciting about getting my hands on a copy. Here’s why.

  • His last album So it begins was off the chain and introduced a lot of people to a very talented artist. Singles such as Sure Thing and Love Is are particular faves of mine. It’s hoped that his latest project will be even better.
  • The tracks released so far have whet our appetites. His latest single I Am features Shai Linne and is very strong musically and lyrically.
  • Speaking of which, S.O.’s lyrics are brilliant and make him stand out from what is becoming a busy market of Christian rappers. It’s well worth sitting down and really appreciating what he has to say in his rhymes.
  • It will be an important release for UK hip hop. Having been signed to Lamp Mode Recordings in the states for a year, his second project on the label will only get his music exposure on both sides of the pond.
  • It features the likes of Lecrae, E Tizz and Sean C. Johnson.

The new album So It Continues is released on 13 November and can be preordered on iTunes now. Get on it!

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