GL Live keeps it fresh

GL Live has launched a new website ahead of the latest installment of its flagship event. GL Live 8 sees the event take a turn in a slightly different direction, calling it the Kingdom Link Tour.

The tour will hit Newport, Nottingham, Birmingham and Manchester and will have headline acts from both the UK and the States. From the US will be Gauge and Slave from Kingdom Time Ent out of New York, while from the UK will be Writeway artists Tunday, Leke, Presha J and Rhema. Local support will allow new artists to showcase to their home crowds.

But what’s most interesting about the ethos behind this new look GL Live is the aim to encourage more collaboration between artists on either side of the Atlantic. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in British and American artists featuring on each other’s tracks (my favourite is Dwayne Tryumf’s verse on Lecrae’s Don’t Waste Your Life, if you’re asking). But not satisfied with simply popping up on other people’s records, this could be the start of artists working more closely together in new ways. GL Live takes one step forward from the Kingdom Link mixtapes and now brings like-minded musicians together in what will hopefully be the start of something extremely productive.

It has been a long time since the last event – GL Live 7 was in summer 2010. In the mean time, it has been evolving and will give new audiences the chance to experience some great music from down the road and across the pond.

The new site is and it’s where you can buy tickets for GL Live 8, which takes place 19th-23rd October. Buy your tickets before 16th October and you’ll also cop a free album. Sounds good to me!

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