Plush new visuals for Volney Morgan & New-Ye

MOBO winners Volney Morgan & New-Ye have released the video for their latest single Seek Ye First. The track is the second single with a video taken from the Focus Deluxe album released last year. The video, directed by Phil Ossai, is a fun and more polished effort than previous video for the single Run….

Why the music video is an artform in its own right

It’s time to rethink what a music video is. It isn’t merely an adjunct to the track itself. It isn’t a necessary evil either that artists carry out to tick a box. It’s an opportunity to accentuate the meaning of the track and give it some visual punch. Imagine the scenario. You’re a new artist….

Seven epic music videos you HAVE to watch

To celebrate the JUMP Music Video Awards that take place on Saturday 21st October, here’s a list of some of our favourite videos that we think you should check out. 1. Ekklesia – Where You Are ft. Jaz Ellington This is a a clear cut example of what a music video can be if done…

Do we really need music videos? Like, REALLY?

When you watch a really well-produced music video, it’s a reminder of how powerful visuals can be. Check out the video to Love Love – the best UK Gospel video produced this year, we reckon. Or Where You Are by Ekklesia, which won the Best Video prize at the Premier Gospel Awards. One shows super-crazy levels…

Guvna B turns to Good Book for vid premiere

Now is a great time to be a music fan. Even for often unrepresented genres such as Christian hip hop, you can see the videos quite easily on YouTube. But that shouldn’t always be the default. MOBO award-winning rapper Guvna B has announced that he’s doing something completely different this month. He’s releasing a video…