#WeIntroduce – Motown Musical Performer Lifts Up Jesus


He’s currently touring the UK as part of Motown the Musical but that isn’t stopping Matt Kane from following his own pursuits at the same time.

The London based singer-songwriter and actor has been a worship leader at Kensington Temple. He’s just released his latest single called One Name and we caught up with him to find out about the track and life in a huge touring show.

How did the Motown the Musical gig come about and what’s it like to perform the show every night around the UK?

I had previously been in a musical called ‘Love Beyond’ at Wembley Arena but after that show I believe God had called me elsewhere, which eventually led to me going to bible school and then becoming a worship leader. I didn’t know if I would return to musical theatre but I did feel that my eventual calling would be in the marketplace.

Once I had heard the call to move on from being a full time worship leader I went to see a few musicals in the West End. Feeling inspired I asked my then vocal coach who actually specialised in musical theatre and had worked with Motown the Musical previously how I could get into the industry. She suggested I had further training and then offered me a scholarship to her school Associated Studios to study in Musical Theatre for a year. It was quite miraculous as I never would have been able to afford it by myself. I completed the course and within a month of graduating I had an agent and then my first job as a full time musical theatre performer in Motown.

Performing in Motown is a dream. The music is fantastic and the production is stellar. The staging and the lighting are both to a high standard and the outfits and wigs are quite something. Playing Smokey Robinson from time to time is particularly enjoyable as he has some of the sweetest songs in the Motown repertoire. The show has also taught me how to maintain myself vocally and physically. The standard of performers is very high and I’ve learnt a lot from them all. I’m very thankful to have been given this opportunity.


What’s your favourite Motown track?

I’d have to say ‘Money’ by Barrett Strong or ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ by Stevie Wonder or ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ by Marvin Gaye. OK I can’t choose (laughs).

Any bizarre stories from on the road?

Now and then we have a cast cook-out and when we were in Edinburgh someone forgot to take a sugar free pie out of the oven and it caught fire which was a little scary! I took it as a sign, sugar free pies are not of the Lord!

How do you go about writing the songs that your write? Do you find that process easy?

I’ve been writing songs on and off over the years. The ones I’m most proud of come from a genuine place. I’m not someone who writes just for writing, I like to have something to say and then let it flow from that place. ‘One Name’ however was quite a different story. I was asleep and this melody accompanied by the words of the verse woke me up. I wrote them down, thanked God and when back to sleep, I then worked it further the next day and eventually took it to a friend of mine, worship leader Jonathan Miller who helped me tidy it up.

What did you learn from doing so much recording and leading worship with Kensington Temple?

Kensington Temple was a haven, a sanctuary, a hospital – absolutely everything for me. I walked into that building back in 2011 an absolute mess. I was very troubled and had just been majorly knocked off my high horse by God. Kensington Temple helped me to see just who Jesus was and how He had paid for the wrongs I was now ever so aware I had committed. The worship at the church was a relief. I had always known and loved music so that was comfortable but having God meet me there was life saving. Kensington Temple taught how to communicate with God through song and they let me freely express myself; it was life changing. Being chosen to lead songs on their albums was a true blessing and something I hold very dear.


How would you describe your music and what are the influences that have helped craft your style?

At the moment my writing/style is a little influenced by the songs I did for KT worship and also some of my personal favourite artists. I’m a big fan of Israel Houghton but my all time favourite artist is Lauryn Hill. Her ‘Miseducation’ album was the album of my youth.

Tell us about the single One Name

One Name is a song all about Jesus! It’s a reminder that whatever we face in our lives, He is the answer. It reminds us that He has won the battle not only for us but for the lost too. That we will be with Him forever and how awesome is that?

What’s next on the horizon for you?

I finish Motown in January and I’m looking forward to where God will place me next. He’s been so faithful up until now so I’m going to continue to trust Him to keep showing me where I’m supposed to be. I’m excited and expectant.

One Name is out now https://ampl.ink/71xbN 

One-Name-3000x3000 2.jpg


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