Top UK playlisters for Christian music on Spotify

There was a time when radio was the only medium to get known by a large number of listeners. Now, Spotify playlists are hugely influential and important for artists. And for us music fans, it’s a great way to discover your next favourite songs and artists. Here are the playlists we love to check out on Spotify and the people behind them.

DJ Haych

DJ Haych
DJ Haych

There are few playlisters in the UK that work as hard as Birmingham’s DJ Haych. He has his finger on the pulse and dedicates his time to make sure his Spotify playlists are always fresh as a daisy.

Specialising in gospel music in all its forms, DJ Haych updates his flagship playlists weekly.

DJ Haych plays: Melvillous, Ruslan, Kirk Franklin, Doobie Powell

Our favourite playlist: Haych’s Gospel Neo Soul


Luke Williams

Luke Williams
Luke Williams

Luke is one of the people responsible for making sure the on-air playlists on Premier Gospel and Premier Praise are bursting with newness. He also presents Hip Hop Sessions on Premier Gospel. He has a diverse range of musical tastes and influences and they all come to bear when he puts his playlists together.

As a very good photographer, Luke is also a stickler for good design and likes to present his playlists in the best way visually too. We trust his ear for good music and think you should too.

Luke plays: Jonathan Ogden, Isla Vista Worship, Sstedi, Bizzle

Our favourite playlist: i am weak, but You are strong.


Asha Elia

Asha Elia
Asha Elia

Usually we find that when an artist creates a Spotify playlist, they lose interest pretty quickly. As much as it helps people see their music in the context of other similar artists they like, keeping a list up to date requires a lot of hard work.

Asha Elia is an exception to the rule. She has a clear love for R&B and hip hop and by sharing her favourites, she is also pushing the contemporary sound that she likes herself. She’s got quite the groundswell of support behind her playlist Vibes&Glory and with good reason. It features brilliant music that you might not have come across before.

Asha plays: S.O., Happi, Limoblaze, Evan and Eris.

Our favourite playlist: Asha Elia – Vibes&Glory


Good Christian Music Blog

Stephen Bradley
Good Christian Music Blog founder Stephen Bradley

If ever there was a blog that did exactly what it said on the tin is Good Christian Music Blog. Founded in 2012, Good Christian Music Blog is now one of the behemoths in the UK.  The YouTube channel in particular carries a huge amount of weight with over a quarter of a million subscribers checking out the music they post. Sheffield’s Stephen Bradley is the brains behind the operation and should be proud of what his brand has achieved thus far.

But Good Christian Music Blog isn’t just about the YouTube, or the site, they also have a strong collection of Spotify playlists to check out. There’s a range to choose from so fill your boots.

Good Christian Music Blog plays: Nashville Life Music, Hillsong Young & Free, Montell Fish, Ryan Ellis

Our favourite playlist: The Good Christian Music Blog


Gospel Hydration

Derrick Tchie
Founder and CEO of Gospel Hydration, Derrick Tchie

Another one of the big hitters out of the UK is Gospel Hydration. Their story follows a similar path to that of Good Christian Music Blog in that it’s YouTube that has been the biggest growth driver. It’s now a destination for new Christian music from the UK and beyond.

Derrick Tchie is the ambitious founder of the brand, which has a formidable presence on Spotify. If you’re a fan of contemporary gospel music, you’ll find something you’ll like on the Gospel Hydration playlists.

Gospel Hydration plays: Sharyn, Cortes, Still Shady, Chris Howland

Our favourite playlist: Gospel Hydration – Christian House Party Playlist


The Sound Doctrine

Jermaine Dallas
The Sound Doctrine founder DJ Fireman aka Jermaine Dallas

Of course we were going to feature our own playlist! We listen to our own playlists so much, we thought you would like to check them out too. We’ve spent many years navigating our way through the very best in Christian music. Spotify is just one of the ways we share our passion for great tunes.

It all started with Gameface, which to our knowledge was the first Christian gaming playlist on Spotify. We now have two others – halflight, for when you want to chill out and Gospel Summer for the beach, the sunny streets and BBQs. Follow them all – you know it makes sense.

The Sound Doctrine plays: Brvndon P, Presha J, WYLD, Sarah Juers

Our favourite playlist: Gospel Summer 2019


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