Our Ones to Watch for 2019

As first revealed on the UK Gospel Show on Premier Gospel, here are the artists we think you should be checking out in 2019 and why.

Ibe Giantkiller

Ibe Giantkiller

You may know this man as a producer. You may know him as a radio presenter. You may know him as an event host. Well, this is the year you will fully get to know Ibe Giantkiller as an artist in his own right.

Ibe has been around the block a few times and as such knows the music scene well. But it’s when we sat down with him in the studio last summer and watched him produce music that we really saw his passion. He’s musically versatile and a barrel of laughs at the same time, which is a mix that usually gets you quite far.

Ibe has got his debut album coming out this year (we’ve heard it and it’s awesome). Not only does he provide some of the vocals himself, he’s also worked with some of the industry’s top names too. It will be a weighty release.

Marc Jones

Marc Jones

This rapper has been maturing and perfecting his sound over the last decade before he even released his debut single. When that first single came out last year, Marc was already comfortable in his own skin musically and ready to take on the world.

Marc has gathered a huge amount of momentum already, with singles such as Wrestling, No Stress, and our fave Straight Lines. Whether you see him as a drill artist, a grime MC or a skilled hip hop lyricist, you can’t deny his huge talent. He recently featured as the cover star of Spotify’s coveted Blessings playlist. Speaking of which, he’s already building a devoted fanbase that is helping him to spread a positive message on digital platforms. Marc has an EP coming soon.

Renzo BA

Renzo BA

Most people would be satisfied with getting married and starting a church. That’s enough to be getting on with, right? Not for Renzo BA. As well as doing those things, Renzo has also launched a music career, which is going quite swimmingly thank you very much.

Renzo is a man with goals and an ear for a powerful record. How do we know? Because he’s made a few of them already. Check out No Way, Breaking News and his most recent single Foundation and you’ll see why we think he has a bright future. He built underground support on Soundcloud, and then released official tracks to the masses. Could 2019 be the year he fully breaks through as a mainstay in the UK hip hop scene? We think it might be!

Faith Child

Faith Child

He’s a man who needs no introduction. He’s been dominant on the scene for years and tours not just the UK but the world with his music. But other than his single That Was Then, which he released last year, he’s been quiet. We know why. He’s been working on an album and it’s set to drop this year.

Having heard some of the early mixes of tracks from the album, this project will represent new territory for Faith Child. He’s lining up some really strong collaborations and getting ready to share music that will further cement his legacy and hopefully bring his message to new ears. We’re fully here for what Faith Child will release in 2019.



There just aren’t enough strong gospel groups around in the UK at the moment so Shekinah are a breath of fresh air. The three talented singers have in their young careers sang on some very big stages. The first time we saw them was supporting the Walls Group at their gig in Croydon at the end of 2017. They also opened for Jonathan Nelson around the same time and performed at the Premier Gospel Awards last year.

Shekinah have personalities as bold as their voices and they are very much in demand on the live circuit. People like them and we hope that 2019 will be the year the nation falls in love with them. They recently dropped their single Overcome and we’re looking forward to hearing what’s next from them.

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