Here’s where to buy tickets to see Christon Gray in London

Christon Gray and JGivens rocked the house in London last year

We had a whale of a time when Christon Gray and JGivens came to London a year ago. We were also gutted that we missed the Sean C Johnson shows when we came to the UK a few months later.

Good News! Christon Gray is coming back to the UK on 7th April, and he’s bringing JGivens, Sean C Johnson and Taelor Gray with him. It’s an all-star lineup and tickets are available now from Level Tickets.

Once again, this major date is the brainchild of Zion Promotions who brought the artists to the UK last year. The company’s building a track record of bringing high profile artists to the country – particular those from the hip hop/soul world that other promoters haven’t been able to in recent years. The outfit, headed up by Pippo Mistretta, is serving a niche that’s hungry for artists of both this genre and calibre.

Taelor Gray is the only artist on the bill who didn’t come to the UK last year

The newcomer to the fold here is Taelor Gray although he doesn’t need much of an introduction for the hip hop heads. Notice the surname? Yes, he’s the brother of Christon and he’s a brilliant artist in his own right. He first caught our attention with his 2015 album the Mocker and the Monarch. He’s since released the project In the Way of Me. Sonically, he’s right up the street of Christon, JGivens and Sean C Johnson fans.

A secondary piece of good news is that the location is accessible. In fact, if you went to Christon Gray and JGivens part 1, you’ll be pleased to know it’s the exact same venue – St Mary’s Church. The Sean C Johnson London gig last year suffered from the fact that it wasn’t in London at all. Thankfully, they’ve avoided a return to St Albans and opted for a more central spot that more punters can reach.

A reminder of our review of last year’s Christon Gray and JGivens show. The gig was a success. We hope this sequel will be even better.

Get tickets here at Level Tickets.  

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