Review: Triple O album launch @ Camden Assembly

Triple O

When he arrived on stage for his album launch event, Triple O warned us that he was going to take it easy at the start. He wanted to save his energy for the entire set. That disclaimer didn’t last long though.

As much as Triple O said he was saving himself during the early tracks such as Hole, grime has a really funny way of completely changing the atmosphere. Indeed, it was when the BPM hit 140 that the crowd got turnt – in a very big way. Out came I’m Not About That. Out came Turned It Around. There was even an appearance for the monster track Godzilla. That one didn’t make the album. We’re still upset about that.

Godzilla is a microcosm of everything Triple O feels about grime. He loves it as an art form. And if the trademark smile is anything to go by, he was having a lot of fun. The energy was turned up to 11, especially with the likes of Presha J and Icie on stage.

Triple O faces off with Presha J


But the good thing about Zero Not Equal to One, and in fact last night’s gig, is that there are songs for every season. For every double time smash, there are smooth tracks like Mr. There’s a yin to the yang to add variety.

This release isn’t just a release for Triple O. Anyone close to Triple O will tell you that. And indeed, on that night people like Icie did. Triple O himself weaved in some of the album’s narrative throughout the performance. For an album that only came out two days prior, the background was welcomed.

The dust is still settling on the album. Most people will still be allowing it to bed in. It’s probably the case that it will fully digest later on.

Christina Matovu

Up next

Elsewhere in the performance was a cameo for Christina Matovu. For our money, Good Thing would make a prefect second single. It’s got radio play written all over it. We also enjoyed Andrew Bello joining Triple on stage for Peace of Mind.

No Triple O set would be complete without a nod to the past. He played some of his standout songs from previous album Flatline. And of course, there was no way he could leave without doing Started Again. The place went bonkers.

Shantéh Fuller

Before the headliner, Shantéh Fuller took us by surprise. She was obedient to the Spirit who minutes before going on stage told her to ditch her set list. Instead, she led praise and worship and it was fantastic. Simple yet heartfelt.

Although we’ve been following Happi and The Message for a while, this was the first time we saw them live. Both are making waves and both shone on stage on the night.


Big reveal

The night culminated with the major announcement that Triple O had been teasing in the run up to the show. He will have a full blown headline show on 3rd December at the O2 Academy in Islington. He’ll have a full live band in tow. If last night was a dress rehearsal for something even bigger and better, we can’t wait to see what he brings to this flagship date.

Triple O collaborates with The Message and Hope Dealers
Andrew Bello

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