Lurine Cato: I almost didn’t record Power


It’s one of the biggest tracks to come out of the UK in recent years but Lurine Cato’s smash hit Power almost didn’t get recorded.

Lurine Cato, known to many as the Queen of UK Gospel, told the Sound Doctrine that the track almost ended up on the cutting room floor and was close to never seeing the light of day. The track was produced by the prolific Ian Copeland Green but Lurine admits that she didn’t say yes to the beat straight away.

“Ian Copeland Green gave me the backing track and at first I thought ‘I don’t know if that backing track’s for me, you know’. Can you just imagine if I’d have passed on that backing track?” she said, looking back at the exchange with her producer. 

Lurine told us about the relationship she has with Ian Copeland Green, one of the top producers in the UK gospel scene right now. He produced a few tracks on Lurine’s album but Power was one of the first.

Discussing how the songwriting process came about for Power, Lurine said, “When we decided we were going to go away and see what God wants, God told me ‘the power of his love’ and God told [Ian], ‘His love’. So we just wrote it instantly. It was fun.”

Her comments come as Lurine Cato releases her debut album, Chosen To Serve, which is out now. The album features 13 huge tracks (including Power) and collaborations with Tneek, Philippa Hanna, Isaiah Raymond, Faye Simpson and Triple O. It’s already causing damage in the iTunes Christian Charts.

You can buy the album here.


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