Welcome to the all new Sound Doctrine

Oh, don’t mind us, we’re just putting our paint brushes away.

Here’s the all new Sound Doctrine. The mission is the same – it’s still all about the music, the message, the moment. That bit will never change, we’ll always support the best in Christian music. So what’s changed?

Well have a look around. It’s glossy, modern and the unnecessary clutter is gone. So are the gazillion categories. We’ve kept things simple so you can find the stuff you want quickly. And whether you’re viewing on mobile, desktop or tablet, it’ll look great.

The Sound Doctrine started in 2010, under its previous name (but we don’t talk about the ill-advised Fire Station any more). When we switched to the Sound Doctrine name a year later, we had a brand we were happy with. Since then, we’ve travelled across the UK, seen legends, discovered new artists and shared our favourite music from overseas. And we’ve done it in our slightly irreverent way that makes us different.

But The Sound Doctrine 2.0 is all about you. You the music fan, the artist, the industry big wig. We’ve started Sound Doctrine accounts on social media and we want to hear from you. Share your music with us, your thoughts, your gripes. We’re more accessible than ever. So you have no excuse.

If you like what we do, tell all and sundry on social media. But more importantly, support the artists that lift up Jesus. Buy their music, go to their shows, buy them a pattie (but not veg, no one buys veg patties out of choice!)

Here’s to the new era of The Sound Doctrine.



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