Review: S.O Live, The Garage


It was a long time in the making but after appearing as support for other artists, tonight was the first ever S.O headline gig. It exceeded expectations in every which way possible.

After selling out the smaller room at the Garage in North London in under a week, the event was moved to the main room, which looked like it was at capacity on the night. What the crowd heard and saw was certainly enough to get them excited and blessed in equal measure.

Although his first headline concert, S.O is far from a rookie and as such, knows what to do on stage. He gave a whistle-stop tour of the big hits from the all of his albums and mixtapes, including the forthcoming project So It Ends. The set started with all my favourites so I was happy from the get go. I Am and Love Is were among the tracks at the top of the set. The 500 strong crowd were responsive – more than that, they were loud, boisterous and by the sound of it, knew S.O lyrics a lot better than I do!

Other tracks moved the audience in other ways when the tempo shifted and tracks like Lamentations and Passion and Purity were performed. All the while, the vibe remained Jesus focussed, which is exactly how a concert should be, irrespective of genre.

The apex was I Can Bear, which closed the show and must have had around five or six pull ups. That’s unprecedented in my book.

The set was interspersed with tracks from New Direction who announced their return with a new single, and Serene who all added something different to the mix.

Earlier in the night, Jahaziel did his usual job or tearing up the stage and A Star kicked off the night. DFMB was the big hit here, with a whole heap of rappers taking to the stage and spitting a few bars.

A special shout has to go out to the person who brought a tambourine. S.O had to break from an acapella to show some recognition so I feel like I have to do the same. #hiphoptambourine – the hastag will catch on, trust me.

Great night!

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