Saturday debut for Roller Gospel Blitz

We’re just days away from the latest edition of Roller Gospel Blitz in Sheffield and this one’s a bit different – it’s the first to be held on a Saturday.

Traditionally held on Bank Holidays, this event looks to be bigger and more accessible to those who struggled to come out to previous nights. But apart from the date, you can expect the same friendly, lively atmosphere (there were plenty of people who were ready to rush to my aid when I nearly fell spectacularly!)

Not sure about skating? No problem. There’s a chill out room, which is where the Fifa 11 challenge will be taking place. Anyone who’s played me on Fifa will know all too well that I’ll be steering clear of that one.

DJs on the night are DJ 4Real, DJ Mello and DJ Kings and a surprise PA is also on the cards.

Just to get you excited, here’s a clip of a dancer from the last event that took place in Sheffield.

Roller Gospel Blitz takes place at Skate Central, Sheffield S2 4DF. More info at

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