The music, the message, the moment

Welcome to a new home complete with a brand spanking new look and URL.

Hello to everyone who’s just stumbled across this renewed blog. Feel free to have a nosey around and familiarise yourself with the new place while the smell of fresh paint and new carpet subsides.

So what’s the Sound Doctrine all about? It’s a wonderful place where Christian music from all over the world resides. It’s a lively site where positive artists are discussed and events are previewed. In short, it’s all about the music, the message and the moment.

Oh, I’m DJ Fireman by the way. I’ll be writing this thing so hopefully we’ll get along. If you’ve got anything to say about my often random comments, feel free to leave a comment. It’s OK, I don’t bruise easily!

I always like to hear your stories – what you’re up to, what you think I should be listening to, music you’ve got coming out soon. Hit me up and tell me your news.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    May God continue to glorified through your activities, as you and felllow artist extend the Good News and blessing of God to each other, and be a light in a dark place for the lost souls!

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